Тренінг у Польщі по боротьбі з екстремізмом .


Дати проету: 28.03.2019-03.04.2019

Далі опис тренінгу англійською:
1. Training Course’s description This training course will provide activists with a step-by-step guide to counter extremist messages Online; plan, create content and promote a campaign. Countering narratives of violent extremism is about building, presenting and spreading information and interventions designed to prevent individuals from engaging in Online or Offline extremist narratives.
2.Training Course’s objectives At the end the training course:
- Participants are familiar with combating hate speech and counter extremist narratives analysis, tools and techniques.
- Participants have developed their capacities to apply and design innovative campaigns against extremist narratives and hate speech.
- The participants are familiar with developing, executing, controlling and evaluating counter extremist narratives and no hate speech campaigns.
3. Participants profile
The project Training Course seeks to develop extremist violence prevention knowledge, skills and attitudes of the staff within the consortium. It is therefore, reflected on and maintained herein that each staff within the consortium works directly with young people.
This includes but not limited to: youth volunteers: migrants, asylum seekers or refugees, and youth workers: trainers, resources developers or practitioners within the consortium.
4. Accommodation You will be accommodated in Villa Josef in Zakopane, in Polish mountain region called Podhale. You will be staying in 2-3-person shared rooms with bathrooms. Wi-fi is available in the hotel area. There is sauna in the venue, but organizers don’t cover this expense. The workshops will take place in the building just 10 steps away from the Villa.
5.The costs for accommodation and food are fully covered by the hosting organization. 100% of the travel costs up to limits 275 EUR.

Application form:

Deadline 02.02.2019

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