Молодіжний обмін у Великобританії!

Потрібен учасник 18-30 років з ВІДКРИТОЮ Британською візою.
Молодіжний обмін: Arrive 07th January 2019 – Depart 16th January2019; Lewes (South Downs)
Вартість квитків покривається приймаючою стороною 340 EUR на переліт та 20 EUR у межах Британії. Проживання та харчування забезпечується організаторами.

До 24.12.18 надсилайте мотиваційні листи (1 стр.) на apply.nonformaleducation4y@gmail.com

Опис проекту:
The use of creative arts is a proven way to promote wellbeing and fundamentally employability skills. Grassroots’ Art will give participants space to not only develop their artistic value but also create positive thinking and boosting self-esteem, all will improve emotional wellbeing. This project will create accessibility and inclusion through art, leading to good mental health and wellbeing.
All to bring about behaviour change to the participants. This project has a core focus to engage young people in positive activity, through the youth exchange. These young people will be marginalised and often feel disenfranchised within their community.
There has also been an ever-growing body of academic literature attesting to the blurring of boundaries between audience and spectator, professional and amateur arts and continuing debates as to the role of the artist, authorship and to the nature and future of what is termed ‘art’ today.
To stimulate the creative mindset of all young people so they can feel confident in communicating and
socialising with others in their community. Engage marginalised participants with limited
opportunities to understand the 21st Century Art in the world today in which they live in.
Through this goal the participants will typically demonstrate:
• Not feeling motivated or aspiration and Low self-awareness and self-knowledge
• Loss of value, identity and self-esteem
• Low confidence in potential and social abilities
• Low employability perspectives and no sense of moral obligation
• Those with special educational needs and from minority groups

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