"T.C. Uniting experiences: International Training on Education and Communication for Sustainable Development"

Міжнародний тренінг в Іспанії з освіти і комунікації для сталого розвитку!

Назва: "T.C. Uniting experiences: International Training on Education and Communication for Sustainable Development"

Для кого: 4 участника(ці) віком 18-25 років.
Дати: 28.05.19 - 02.06.19
Місце: Оренсе, Іспанія

Далі опис англійською:
Training course is a 4-day meeting aimed at workers who are developing their youth work activity in the field of leisure and free time, non-formal education, EVS and other volunteering projects, new forms of participation, creative communication and education in participation within the ambit of environmental sustainability and that also share similar concerns.
This training will also serve as a tool and a work resource that will improve the employability of the users linked to each of the Organizations involved in this Transnational project, since the youth of the collectives and the workers / The young people involved will have information on the labor market, in particular on the professions related to the topics of training, and will know and analyze new alternatives, thus developing new strategies for active job search and new personal skills.
The objectives of this Seminar are:
- To include the sustainable development principles in national politics and programs and to reduce the lost of the environmental resources.
- To discuss issues concerning about to plan and carry on marketing activities to increasing the use of sustainable products .
To provide to youth workers with practical skills to using non-formal education methods related with sustainable issues.
- Facilitate the creation of networks and explore the opportunities presented by Erasmus + for promoting healthy life styles and of well-being.
- To increase of the youth employability and the creation of the local markets with sustainable products. - To create a shared space of work and experiences with which one to develop a futures activities related with sustainability in order to create a strong network about it.
Complementary activities:
• Visit to the Aquis Querquennis Roman camp and bath in the mineral-medicinal thermal baths in the village of Bande.
• Hiking route in the Natural Park of Baixa Limia – Serra do Xurés.
• Interpreted route interpreted by the city of Ourense.
• Role play and group dynamics.
Games and fun activities.
• Tours.

The costs for accommodation and food are fully covered by the hosting organization. 100% of the travel costs up to limits 360 EUR.

Application form: https://goo.gl/vXABgz

Deadline 12.02.2019

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