TC "Beyond Fear - Tools for Dialogue and Inclusion of Migrants in Europe"

Тренінг на тему міграції, біженців (ВПО) в Угорщині!
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Детальний опис проекту англійською:
"Beyond Fear - Tools for Dialogue and Inclusion of Migrants in Europe" is a 10-day training course in Hungary for 28 youth and social workers working with refugees from 10 countries.
Date: 29th March – 7th April, 2019. (excluding travelling days)
The project takes place in Galyatető, Hungary.

A training course and exchange of methods on how to promote constructive dialogue between migrant and local communities, and help the process of inclusion, may it be temporary or long-term.

- Build trust and tolerance between migrants and locals
- Gain understanding and validation of the strong feelings on both sides
- Help to accept that the migrants are in fact here
- Change destructive and hurtful communication patterns into constructive dialogue
- Find the values in the foreign cultures the came to our „doorstep”
- Find useful and inspiring roles migrants can undertake in the local communities through which social inclusion can happen naturally

- Outdoor experiential education, a form of non-formal education in the outdoors that helps participants to open up, to experiment freely and to guide their own personal/group learning with the experiences gained.
- Art (movement art, visual expression, storytelling, etc.) as good tool for expression helps participants to express themselves in a creative and effective way, to stay focused and inspired for the whole 10 days. Art creates a very friendly and open atmosphere where participants can share the challenges they might face on a level that feels comfortable.
- Solution focused coaching tools that help participants stay focused on their own learning goals. Coaching happens in big/small groups with certain topics (good practices sharing, new and innovative approaches, networking) and to facilitate the best output in a light, creative and playful way.
- Learning by doing: participants get a chance to try the new techniques learned with a group composed of young migrants and youngsters playing a leading role within their peer group, who will come to the training for a short „mini-camp”, and their program will be facilitated by the participants themselves.

- Youth workers,
- Social workers working with migrants,
- Migrants socially active in their own communities, and
- Anyone inspired and strongly motivated to start inclusion work with migrants.

The costs for accommodation and food are fully covered by the hosting organization. 100% of the travel costs up to limits 275 EUR.

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Deadline 31.01.2019

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