TC “Stand up AGAINST extremism”

NGO «Non-formal education for youth» ( шукає учасників на проект у Польші!

Назва: “Stand up AGAINST extremism”
Коли: 21.11 - 27.11.2019
Де: Zakopane, Poland

Країни – партнери: Poland, Moldova, Egypt, Ukraine, Palestine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Azerbaijan. Each of these countries has to send 3 participants older than 18 years old. These training course is intended to youth workers.

"Stand up AGAINST extremism" first main goal is to prevent violent extremism and radicalization through certain measures taken within the local communities. During this project we want to strengthen the role of youth organizations in preventing violent extremism, promote the role of intercultural dialogue between young people and gender mainstreaming in countering violent extremism and radicalization. It is made to work on speech free from hate and extremist views. The project main objective is to bring updated tools to youth workers so they could better address youths during their work on topics of preventing violent extremism, hate speech and the sources of hatred. We seek to enhance initiatives that challenge extremist narratives, propaganda, cultural, social, religious, political, ideological differences that lead to extremist violence. By reaching out to youths with fewer opportunities, who are victims and actors, we aim to contribute to this objective in the most efficient way.

Докладніше про проект та фінансові умови в аплікаційній формі:…/1SevyDTHYjEeJZ0bjM3JGixFFYQyBhaf…/

Дедлайн подачі: 27.09.2019

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