TC “Promoting Social Change Through Entrepreneurship”

Training course “Promoting Social Change Through Entrepreneurship”

Dates of the training: 10.09.2018 (arrival) – 21.09.2018 (departure)
Venue: Sofia, Bulgaria

The project:
The main objective of the project is to help the development of the European economy through development in the private and social entrepreneurial sector.
One of the most serious threats to the future of the European socio-economic environment is the lack of professional realization among young people and the creation of opportunities for their future development in Europe. A pillar of employment is the private sector as the number of micro, small and medium business far exceeds the number of large businesses. Barriers to entry into this sector for young people are mainly insufficient information and fear.
The goal of 'Promoting Social Change through Entrepreneurship' is to promote the development and inclusion of young people from different nations, ethnicities and beliefs in society by helping to overcome the initial barriers to entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship through a number of trainings, practical sessions and experience sharing. Through training, presentations, practice sessions, debates, role plays and simulations, the participants will be able to increase their entrepreneurial skills, exchange experience and gain confidence, and receive the necessary knowledge on how they can spread exponentially good practices and help maximize the achievement of social change.

Your profile as a participant:
• You are employed in the youth sector or are working with young people
• You are trainer, educator, social worker or volunteer
• You are facilitator of non-formal learning
• You want to learn new working non-formal techniques in your work with young
• You are ready to use the new competences further after the training in your own
professional area
• You have your own motivation and strong arguments to participate in the
training course
• You have willingness to spread the results of the training and to promote what
you have learned in your community
• You have a sufficient level of English as a working language – basic knowledge
• You are committed to being active during the whole process of the training –
preparation before, the course itself and evaluation afterwards

The costs for accommodation and food are fully covered by the hosting organization. 100% of the travel costs up to limits 275 EUR.

Application form:
Deadline 31.07.2018

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