14th - 20 th OCTOBER 2018, OREDEA - ROMANIA
(Only for Ukrainians, age 18-25 )

This training course aims to meet the challenges of extremist violence in multicultural society settings through peacebuilding activities. Peace-building activities are a part of the field of peace and conflict transformation studies. In our context, peace-building activities are to be innovative activities that create a peaceful environment to meeting social, and intellectual needs of participants in resolving conflict and preventing violence.

At the end the training course:
1. Participants are familiar with the conflict resolution and extremist violence prevention analysis, tools and techniques:
a. Participants will gain knowledge on the definition of conflict and violence in context of violent extremism, discrimination and advocacy of hatred;
b. Further, they will learn how to address the behavioural facets of conflict and violence, and how to use the tool to classifying conflicts and violence;
c. They will also improve their attitudes on how to create a map to illustrate the sources and pillars of a conflict as well as the elements of violence.
2. Participants develop their capacities to apply and use intercultural dialogue in countering extremist violence and hate speech:
a. Participants will gain knowledge on how to use the tool for conflict analysis to identify and address the roots cause of extremist violence and advocacy of hatred;
b. Further, they will gain skills about how to use the tool for conflict analysis to approach and deal with a conflict and differences to prevent extremist violence and hate speech;
c. They will also improve their attitudes on how to identify and deals with factors of extremist violence through peace-building activities: intercultural dialogue at the local level.
3. Participants profile
The project Training Course seeks to develop extremist violence prevention knowledge, skills and attitudes of the staff within the consortium. It is therefore, reflected on and maintained herein that each staff within the consortium works
directly with young people.
This includes but not limited to: youth volunteers: migrants, asylum seekers or refugees, and youth workers: trainers.

The costs for accommodation and food are fully covered by the hosting organization. 100% of the travel costs up to limits 275 EUR.

Deadline August 06th, 2018
✓ Application form:
✓ August 10th, 2018: The tickets are bought by the participants.

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