NGO «Non-formal education for youth»

NGO «Non-formal education for youth» is a non-profit, non-governmental youth organisation established in Dnipro in 2010 and working nationally as well as internationally. NGO «NFE 4Y»  is the important center for building youth social movement and training leaders of a new generation in Ukraine.

Our mission is in the building of more tolerant, understanding and accepting society in Ukraine. We focused on the topics of peace building, intercultural interreligious dialogue, human rights, inclusion of minorities and refugees (IDP), tolerance and diversity, and active citizenship and participation of young people.

Our aims are to involve young people into volunteering on local, national and international levels, to support youth in creating and implementing their own small-scale community-based projects which will support  the ideas of tolerance, cultural diversity, antidiscrimination, social inclusion.

The organization «NFE 4Y» regularly provides local, national and international seminars, meetings, camps, training courses which base on the principles of non-formal education with an engagement of youth with on ages 15-30.

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